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Digital Marketing (Paid Social & Google Ads)

Runwood Homes

Case Study: Runwood Care Home - 50% Increase in Enquiry Rate with Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Client Overview:

Runwood Care Home is a reputable assisted living and elderly care facility, providing personalized and compassionate care to seniors. With multiple locations across the country, Runwood aims to be the leading choice for families seeking reliable and high-quality care services for their loved ones.


Runwood Care Home faced a challenge in increasing their enquiry rate. Despite offering exceptional care services and having a strong presence in their local communities, they struggled to generate enough inquiries from potential residents and their families. They recognized the need to enhance their digital marketing strategy to reach a broader audience and showcase their facilities and commitment to quality care.


To address the challenge, Runwood Care Home collaborated with our digital marketing agency. We devised a comprehensive strategy to maximize the reach and impact of their online advertising efforts.

1. Google Ads Strategy:

Keyword Optimization: The agency conducted thorough keyword research, identifying relevant search terms related to elderly care, assisted living, and nursing homes. They optimized Runwood’s ad copy and landing pages to align with these keywords, ensuring that potential customers found the right information quickly.

Location Targeting: Google Ads were tailored to target specific geographic areas around each care home location. This ensured that the ads reached the most relevant audience, including local residents and their families actively searching for care services in their area.

Ad Extensions: Various ad extensions, such as call extensions and location extensions, were utilized to provide potential customers with additional information and direct contact options, making it easier for them to inquire about services.

2. Facebook Ads Strategy:

Audience Segmentation: The agency segmented the target audience on Facebook based on factors like age, location, interests, and behaviors. This allowed them to create personalized ads for different segments, making the messaging more relevant and appealing.

Engaging Visuals: High-quality images and videos showcasing the warm and caring environment of Runwood Care Home were used to capture the attention of the audience and evoke an emotional connection.

Call-to-Action (CTA): Strong and compelling CTAs were incorporated into the Facebook ad copy, urging viewers to take action and inquire about services or schedule a visit.


The joint effort between Runwood Care Home and the digital marketing agency yielded exceptional results:

  • Enquiry Rate Increase: The implementation of Google Ads and Facebook Ads led to a remarkable 50% increase in the number of enquiries generated within just three months of the campaign’s launch.
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility: Runwood Care Home experienced a significant boost in brand visibility across both platforms, attracting more potential residents and their families.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: The optimized ad campaigns and landing pages contributed to a higher conversion rate, as interested parties were more likely to take the next step and get in touch with Runwood.
  • Positive Feedback: The care home received positive feedback from families who found their online presence informative, reliable, and user-friendly.


Through strategic and targeted Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns, Runwood Care Home successfully increased its enquiry rate by an impressive 50%. By leveraging digital marketing, they reached a broader audience, effectively communicated their commitment to quality care, and ultimately, helped more families find the right care solutions for their loved ones. The collaboration with the digital marketing agency proved to be a valuable investment, reaffirming Runwood’s position as a trusted and leading care home provider in their communities.

Digital Marketing

Village Park

Case Study: Village Park - 100% Occupancy & Waiting List

Introduction: The Challenge of Bed Occupancy

Village Park, a care home facing the common challenge of unoccupied beds impacting financial health, reached out to us for a solution. With 4 to 6 beds consistently vacant due to admissions and turnovers, our mission was clear: establish a steady flow of inquiries, boost online brand awareness, and compete with larger companies in a cost-effective manner.

Challenge: Maintaining Occupancy Levels and Brand Visibility

The care home industry is highly competitive, and Village Park needed to fill beds efficiently while making a mark against bigger competitors with more substantial advertising budgets.

Solution: A Comprehensive Digital Strategy

1. Consultation and Unique Selling Points (USPs) Identification: Our first step involved understanding Village Park’s business intricacies and identifying its unique selling points through a detailed consultation. What set them apart from competitors became the focal point of our strategy.

2. A/B Testing and Ad Optimization: Utilizing the identified USPs, we ran targeted ads, constantly A/B testing different ad copies to determine the most effective messaging. This iterative process aimed to capture the attention of potential residents and their families.

3. Landing Page Optimization: Suggesting improvements and implementing changes to the landing page were crucial for maximizing conversions. The landing page became a critical touchpoint, and through continuous testing and refinement, we ensured it was optimized for inquiries.

4. Google Suite for Analytics and Insights: To gain deeper insights into user behavior, we leveraged the Google Suite. This allowed us to listen to calls, track statistics, and monitor live chat leads. The data collected became instrumental in shaping our ongoing strategy.

5. Improving Call-to-Visit Rates: Recognizing the significance of converting inquiries to visits, we provided suggestions on improving call-to-visit rates. This involved refining communication strategies and addressing potential pain points in the conversion process.

6. Regular Campaign Management Meetings: Consistent communication was maintained through regular campaign management meetings. These sessions involved in-depth discussions on data analysis, return on investment (ROI), and collaborative brainstorming for continuous improvement.

Result: From Vacancy to Waiting List in 3 Months

The collective efforts yielded exceptional results for Village Park:

1. Achieved Full Capacity in 3 Months: By implementing a strategic and data-driven approach, Village Park achieved full capacity within just three months. The steady flow of inquiries, optimized conversion processes, and improved brand visibility contributed to this rapid success.

2. Healthy Waiting List: The outcome surpassed expectations, with Village Park not only achieving full capacity but also establishing a healthy waiting list. The waiting list indicated sustained interest and demand, showcasing the care home’s newfound competitiveness in the market.

Conclusion: A Digital Transformation Success Story

The collaboration with Village Park exemplifies the power of a comprehensive digital strategy tailored to the unique challenges of the care home industry. By addressing specific pain points, optimizing every touchpoint, and leveraging data-driven insights, we not only filled beds but elevated Village Park’s brand presence, enabling them to compete effectively with larger entities.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

A Place For Mom

Case Study: A Place for Mom - Doubling Conversion Rate and 400% Revenue Increase through Experimentation

Introduction: Empowering Families with Personalised Senior Living Solutions

A Place for Mom is a renowned platform dedicated to simplifying the process of finding senior living and home care options for families. While their Google and Facebook ads successfully drove traffic to their website, they faced a significant challenge with low conversion rates from visitors to enquirers. Seeking a transformative solution, they partnered with our agency to launch a full-scale experimentation program aimed at elevating their site-wide conversion rate.

Challenge: Enhancing Conversion Rates for Improved Impact

Despite their website’s substantial traffic, A Place for Mom realised the importance of optimising their conversion rates to better serve families seeking senior living and home care guidance. They sought to maximize the potential of their website visitors by increasing the number of qualified enquirers, ultimately leading to improved revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

Solution: A Data-Driven Experimentation Program

We devised a robust experimentation program to address A Place for Mom’s challenges and enhance their site-wide conversion rate. The program involved data analysis, A/B testing, and iterative improvements, enabling us to uncover the most effective strategies for driving conversions.

1. Data Analysis and User Journey Assessment

We conducted in-depth data analysis to understand user behavior, pain points, and interactions on A Place for Mom’s website. By identifying potential barriers to conversion, we gained valuable insights to inform our experimentation hypotheses.

2. A/B Testing for Conversion Optimization

A series of A/B tests were implemented across critical website elements, including call-to-action buttons, lead forms, page layouts, and messaging. These tests were meticulously designed to evaluate variations and determine which combinations resulted in higher conversion rates.

3. Personalized User Experiences

Recognizing the importance of personalization in user engagement, we incorporated personalized content and recommendations for users based on their location, preferences, and specific care needs. This approach created a more tailored and engaging experience for visitors, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Results: A Remarkable Transformation

The data-driven experimentation program delivered exceptional results for A Place for Mom, significantly improving their conversion rates and revenue.

1. Doubled Site-Wide Conversion Rate

Through rigorous A/B testing and iterative improvements, we successfully doubled A Place for Mom’s site-wide conversion rate. The optimized call-to-action buttons, lead forms, and personalized experiences significantly increased the number of visitors becoming qualified enquirers.

2. 400% Revenue Increase

The doubled conversion rate, coupled with personalized user experiences, translated into a remarkable 400% increase in revenue for A Place for Mom. The enhanced website performance resulted in more families finding the perfect senior living and home care solutions, creating a win-win situation for both A Place for Mom and their valued customers.

Conclusion: Empowering Families, Elevating Success

Through our data-driven experimentation program, A Place for Mom achieved remarkable transformation and impact. By doubling their conversion rate and generating a substantial revenue increase, A Place for Mom further solidified its position as a leading platform for personalised senior living guidance. Our iterative approach to optimization allowed them to continuously enhance user experiences, better support families, and fulfill their mission of simplifying the process of finding senior living and home care with personalised guidance at no cost.

Website Design & Lead Generation

Care Quote

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Introduction: Introducing Care Quote

Care Quote is a network of high-quality care facilities dedicated to providing exceptional services and a warm, welcoming environment for seniors in the community. Despite their outstanding reputation, they faced challenges in reaching their target audience and generating a steady stream of qualified leads. To address these issues, they sought assistance from a digital marketing agency that specialized in the care home industry.


Challenge: Enhancing Online Presence and Lead Generation

Care Quote recognized the need to improve their online presence and attract more qualified leads. Their existing website was outdated and not optimized for mobile devices, leading to a subpar user experience for potential clients. They wanted a modern, responsive website design and a reliable lead generation engine to maximize their online visibility and enquiries.


Solution: Revolutionizing Online Marketing

The digital marketing agency devised a comprehensive strategy to elevate Care Quote’ online presence and lead generation capabilities.


  1. Responsive Website Design

Importance: A responsive website design is crucial for ensuring that Care Quote’ website is accessible and user-friendly across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. A mobile-responsive site enhances user experience, boosts credibility, and encourages visitors to stay longer and explore the care home’s services.

Result: After launching the new responsive website, Care Quote witnessed a significant increase in website traffic. The bounce rate decreased, indicating that visitors were staying on the site longer and engaging with the content. This led to an improved overall user experience and laid a solid foundation for further marketing efforts.


  1. Lead Generation Engine

Importance: To generate a consistent flow of qualified leads, the digital marketing agency set up a lead generation engine tailored specifically for Care Quote. The engine included a combination of strategies such as targeted PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, compelling landing pages, and strategic call-to-action buttons.

Result: The lead generation engine proved to be a game-changer for Care Quote. They saw a substantial increase in the number of enquiries and form submissions from potential clients interested in learning more about their services. The agency’s targeted PPC campaigns allowed Care Quote to reach their ideal audience effectively, leading to higher conversion rates and a positive return on investment.


Conclusion: A Transformational Journey

By investing in a responsive website design and implementing a robust lead generation engine, Care Quote underwent a transformational journey in their digital marketing efforts. Their new mobile-friendly website became a valuable tool to engage with potential clients, and the lead generation engine ensured a steady influx of qualified enquiries.

Through this strategic partnership with the digital marketing agency, Care Quote solidified their position as a top choice for seniors and their families in the community. As they continued to expand their online presence and enhance lead generation, they further strengthened their commitment to providing exceptional care and support for their residents.

Digital Marketing (Paid Social & Google Ads)

Kendal On Hudson

Case Study: Kendal On Hudson - Driving Remarkable Growth Through Digital Marketing

Introduction: Introducing Kendal On Hudson

Kendal On Hudson, a prestigious retirement community located in New York, embarked on a mission to enhance its digital presence and attract qualified leads. In 2021, they partnered with our agency to leverage our expertise in Google PPC and Facebook PPC advertising. With the shared goal of achieving remarkable growth and increasing conversions, we formulated a strategic plan tailored to Kendal On Hudson’s unique offerings.

Challenge: Enhancing Conversions and Reducing CPA

Kendal On Hudson faced the challenge of attracting a targeted audience interested in their upscale retirement living services. They desired to optimize their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and drive significant growth in conversions. With the retirement living industry becoming increasingly competitive, they sought an innovative approach to expand their reach and connect with potential residents effectively.

Solution: A Dynamic Digital Advertising Strategy

Our agency proposed a comprehensive digital advertising strategy, focusing on Google PPC and Facebook PPC, to address Kendal On Hudson’s challenges and propel their growth.

1. Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

We conducted thorough keyword research to identify high-converting keywords related to retirement living and senior communities. The Google PPC campaigns were meticulously crafted, emphasizing Kendal On Hudson’s unique amenities, personalized care, and picturesque surroundings. Ad extensions highlighted virtual tours and personalized consultations, enticing potential residents to take the next step.

2. Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

To complement Google PPC efforts, we developed targeted Facebook PPC campaigns. We tapped into Facebook’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, reaching the desired audience based on demographics, interests, and life events relevant to retirement planning. Our engaging ad creatives showcased the vibrant community life, wellness programs, and the welcoming atmosphere that Kendal On Hudson offered.

Results: Impressive Growth and Cost Efficiency

The implementation of our dynamic digital advertising strategy delivered remarkable results for Kendal On Hudson.

1. 25% Reduction in Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the First Month

From the onset, we analyzed data, optimized campaigns, and improved targeting to achieve a substantial 25% reduction in Kendal On Hudson’s Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in the first month of activity. This initial achievement set the stage for a series of successes in the following months.

2. 95%+ Monthly Conversion Volume Growth over 3 Months

Building on the early success, our ongoing optimization efforts resulted in a tremendous 95%+ monthly growth in conversion volumes over the next three months. The combination of Google PPC and Facebook PPC advertising garnered an influx of qualified leads actively considering retirement living options, driving the retirement community’s growth and occupancy rates significantly.

Conclusion: Empowering Kendal On Hudson’s Expansion

Our strategic implementation of Google PPC and Facebook PPC advertising effectively transformed Kendal On Hudson’s digital presence. By optimizing their Cost Per Acquisition and driving exponential growth in monthly conversions, we enabled the retirement community to attract and connect with more potential residents actively seeking an upscale, comfortable, and vibrant retirement living experience.

Kendal On Hudson’s partnership with our agency exemplifies the impact of a data-driven and result-oriented digital advertising strategy in the competitive retirement living market. Through our collaborative efforts, Kendal On Hudson continues to thrive as an esteemed retirement community, enriching the lives of its residents with exceptional care, services, and community engagement.

Digital Marketing (Paid Social & Google Ads)

Sanders Senior Living

Case Study: Unleashing the Power of Digital Advertising for Sanders Senior Living

Introduction: Introducing Sanders Senior Living

Sanders Senior Living is a renowned care home dedicated to providing compassionate and personalized care for seniors in a comfortable and nurturing environment. Despite their excellent reputation, they faced challenges in increasing their online visibility and reaching potential residents actively searching for care services.

Challenge: Amplifying Online Presence and Attracting Targeted Traffic

Sanders Senior Living aimed to amplify their online presence and attract qualified traffic to their website. While they had a website, it was not ranking well in search engine results for relevant keywords. They sought a strategic solution to leverage Google PPC advertising to capture the attention of potential residents and their families actively seeking senior care options.

Solution: A Comprehensive Digital Advertising Strategy

The digital marketing agency crafted a comprehensive digital advertising strategy that combined the power of Google PPC and Facebook PPC to drive targeted traffic and conversions.

1. Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

The agency identified high-converting keywords relevant to Sanders Senior Living’s services and created engaging ad copies that resonated with potential residents and their families. The Google PPC campaign aimed to capture individuals actively searching for senior care solutions, ensuring maximum visibility in search results.

2. Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising

Understanding the importance of a strong presence on social media, the agency devised a targeted Facebook PPC campaign for Sanders Senior Living. They tailored the ads to reach a specific demographic, such as local families and caregivers, showcasing the care home’s exceptional facilities and the nurturing environment it offered.

Results: Accelerated Growth and Improved Cost Efficiency

The implementation of a data-driven digital advertising strategy resulted in significant achievements for Sanders Senior Living.

1. Boost in Quarterly Sign-Ups Volume by 90%

With strategic Google PPC and Facebook PPC campaigns in place, Sanders Senior Living experienced an impressive 90% increase in quarterly sign-ups volume. The targeted approach of reaching potential residents on both Google and Facebook ensured a steady stream of qualified leads eager to learn more about their services.

2. Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition by 30%

The agency’s continuous monitoring and optimization efforts led to a remarkable 30% decrease in Sanders Senior Living’s cost per acquisition. By analyzing the campaign performance data, the agency made data-driven adjustments to allocate the budget more efficiently, maximizing the return on investment and reducing acquisition costs.

Conclusion: Empowering Sanders Senior Living’s Growth and Success

Through the synergy of Google PPC and Facebook PPC campaigns, Sanders Senior Living achieved exceptional results in terms of sign-ups growth and cost efficiency. The strategic approach of reaching the right audience at the right time on both platforms enabled the care home to solidify its position as a preferred choice for seniors and their families in the community.

As Sanders Senior Living continued to leverage the power of digital advertising, they maintained their commitment to providing unparalleled care and support to their residents, fostering a warm and caring environment that enriched the lives of those they served.


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